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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Pink "Lockes"

"Escaping life as I knew it"

So I decided I needed some time away last weekend. I didn't want to travel too far away, but I still needed to feel like I was escaping "life" as I knew it at that moment.

In a moment of "Google, help me find something" I came across the Locke Hotels. They are a chain of hotels across Europe, with a very "East London vibe", pink sofa's and plants everywhere - Let's be honest, that's me all over. The moment I saw the huge green plants and pink sofas I was sold. I booked two nights at the Kingsland Locke Hotel, just a stones throw away from Dalston Junction Station. I know, I know, I live a 5 minute drive away, but sometimes, we need a night or two away from home, from the washing basket staring at you saying "PLEASE WASH ME". Or the splodge you spot on the skirting board that you decide needs painting, along with the rest of the kitchen!!

So, I arrive around 7pm on a Friday night, it was still nice and light outside. There is access to on-street parking, but not a huge amount, so if you're planning on visiting the hotel, I'd consider getting the train as it's a stones throw away from Dalston Kingsland station. The hotel entrance is on the main to two very friendly faces behind the kiosk.

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