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Updated: Nov 8, 2022



OSMO Ikon very kindly sent me some of their new Blonde Elevation range that I have had lots of fun playing around with.

As an avid bleacher, it's essential I use good quality bleach, that is going to lift my hair with minimal damage.

For all my at home bleach users, I have fairly medium to light ash blonde naturally, so it only takes one bleaching session to lift my hair to the desired "white" (Luckily - Otherwise I'm not sure I'd have any hair left!)

*Little side note* - I condition and protect my hair as often as possible, to avoid and remedy my hair before, after and in between bleaching. See my 'Protect & Pretty' post for how to love and care for dry / damaged.

*Back to the bleach* - This premium violet, dust free powder is vegan and cruelty free - tick. The violet pigments help to neutralise any brassy (yellow) tones out of the hair during the bleaching process, which eliminates the need to tone the hair afterwards which then means the hair is exposed to less chemicals.

*Mixing and applying* - Mix one scoop of the bleach powder with two parts developer (this means you approximately use one cup of bleach powder and two times the amount of developer) - Combine until you have a smooth paste and apply to the areas of your hair you wish to lighten. *Top tip) Protect the unbleached areas with a conditioner or protein treatment, this will help you not get bleach on unwanted areas, along with giving your hair a good treatment whilst the bleach develops.

*Developing time* - I leave my bleach on for somewhere between 45 and 55 minutes. Osmo Ikon recommend 20 to 60 minutes, depending on how quickly your hair lifts. (You will be able to tell as the hair under the violet tined bleach will turn from a brassy lifted yellow to a creamier, lighter yellow.

*Rinse & condition* - Make sure you shampoo your bleach out, because any residue will continue to develop after rinding it out. After using this particular bleaching powder, I found that the condition and strength of my hair was great. The fibre-bonding technology seemed to help make a difference!

In short, I would highly recommend this product. I have linked it below for you to purchase directly.

Sally's Beauty:

Check out my IG for the 'BLEACH . LONDON' reel for the how-to on this.




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