Getting Married? 

Then you must be in the exciting stages of planning your big day - Whether you are getting married in a manor house, a chateau in France, or in your parents back garden, your hair, is still going to need doing. So, here you are.. 

Wondering how this process works. 

Let me talk you through the simple steps of how to find your hairstylist for your big day. 

Firstly, we are quite an integral part of your wedding morning, we like to giggle with your bridesmaids, comfort your mama's and be there to reassure you when we see things getting a little emosh. It's important you get along with your hairstylist, so look for someone who is patient, kind and calm, those are all the things you will want around you on your big day. 

In terms of trialling styles, you want to feel that your vision is understood and the details of your wedding are as important as any other brides, so talk to your hair stylist and get excited with them. You also want someone to make suggestions based on you and your personality, so feel comfortable enough to let your stylist lead you a little and suggest what they think might work. 

I like to take time out to find a little out about you, I watch you, I take note of your mannerisms (all very important when it comes to choosing your final style) and I mostly enjoy talking about what makes YOU feel most like you, because at the end of the day, it's YOU getting married, not me, and I want nothing more than for you to leave feeling like the best version of you you've ever known.